Life is Choice

Every journey starts when one has come to its end.
And letting go is not a loss or a friend,
It’s simply a piece of the past that strengthens our foundation
time and time again.

So what does it mean to say goodbye when not yet ready to say hello?
Well every door opens then closes,
it only means something
if we got what we wanted or forgot what we were looking for.

And sometimes it takes more time then others
To let go
Or say hello.

Love nor hurt defines worth
And a career is what you do
Not who you are.

So do unto others
Only what you wish
Done unto you.

Then rest and play and laugh.
And remember its life
And life…
Is Choice
it opens and closes, say’s hello and goodbye
its moving somewhere or going nowhere
its wanting and achieving or doubting and retrieving
its innocent and adventurous or angry and insecure
its welcome and allowing or closed and devouring
its enjoying and enlightening or dismal and defying
its believing and dreaming or doubtful and deceiving
its faith, hope and love or fear, lust and distrust
its want versus need
and the comfort in between
its dirty and clean, the child chooses what the adult sees
its judging and relenting or inviting and accepting
its temptation turned realization
and owning up to personal creation
its honor and integrity
its a lifelong commitment of one, its a vow of one
to thy self be true…
To have and to hold, for better for worse, for richer for poorer
in sickness and in health
until death do we part.